L home style tofu

Home-Style TofuRecipe Card

Home-Style Tofu
Recipe card - step by step recipe instructions

1Over medium high heat, deep-fry tofu until golden brown. Drain on paper towels and set aside
2In a separate pan over medium high heat, saute garlic and ginger until fragrant
3Add chili sauce and black bean sauce and stir to mix for 1 minute
4Add in chicken slices and combine thoroughly. Cook for 3 minutes or until chicken is cooked through
5Add thick soy sauce, sugar and pepper to taste
6Toss in tofu and vegetables, mixing well
7Stir-fry for another 3 minutes
8Add in green onions and toss to mix for 1 minute
9Remove from heat and pour in sesame oil, stirring well
10Dish and serve hot

Home-Style Tofu
Recipe Card - ingredients

1 package firm tofu (14 oz.), cut into triangles
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast, sliced thinly
1½ teaspoons garlic, minced
½ teaspoon ginger, minced
1 cup straw/button/shiitake mushrooms
½ cup baby corn
½ cup carrots, peeled and sliced
2 green onions, sliced diagonally
1 tablespoon chili garlic sauce
2 tablespoons black bean sauce
1 tablespoon thick soy sauce
1 teaspoon sesame oil
2 teaspoons sugar
Pepper to taste